Baby Pinkflower. Inspired by 90’s toys, tamagotchis and Nadia Aboulhosn.


Lady, if this was ever put on a t-shirt I’d wear the shit out of it. Especially while trolling Sephora holding a slice in my hand. Because I’m the exact same way.

I did kind of make this with the intention of it being a t-shirt design since I need to design some shirts so… anyone want one? Let me know in some kind of note or message or email or whatever and I’ll make it happen.
Edit: Also posters. I’m definitely making posters.




"she can’t be bisexual! she’s in a relationship with a man!"


Perfect use of that gif. Thank you.

#My name is Inigo Montoya you erased my sexuality prepare to die


okay but imagine:

  • natasha romanoff helping drunk girls get home and refusing to let them go by themselves
  • natasha romanoff punching gross men who catcall girls
  • natasha romanoff speaking out against slut shaming
  • natasha romanoff always looking out for the girls in her neighborhood
  • natasha romanoff supporting all girls no matter what

megane kenma♥
Hey ya’ll

inmyopinionshewasjustfullofsand thelittlestbucky thelittlestcaptain

I heard you’s is startin’ a warhammer!game. Ya’ll know what that means: I gotta know the haps about the characters you rolled.

update: I literally cannot find andrew in my friends and I’ve checked twice now.

update: uselessbutperfect ; thanks, drew! i lost my mind and couldn’t remember what the fuck it was. XO